Albany Hill Butterflies on NBC News

Watch Albany's monarchs online -- or visit them in person.

The can still be admired both in person and online.

NBC news aired a segment on the migrating monarchs Dec. 23, with Doug McConnell, formerly host of Bay Area Backroads.

It can be viewed online here. Part of the three-minute segment is set on Albany Hill, with wonderful close-ups of the butterflies.

Also featured are volunteer monarch counter, Bill Shepard of Berkeley and  George McRae of El Cerrito.

In person, the monarchs put on a beautiful show on Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds were flying on the hilltop, and well over a thousand fluttered in orange clusters on the trees. 

The butterflies have moved from the location reported on Albany Patch in November, southwest of the hillcrest, to due west, and are now easier to see without climbing down a steep slope. Binoculars are still recommended.

Directions: From the parking circle at the top of Taft Street, walk south on the wide path about 100 yards to the bench and rope swing. From the bench, look toward the bay, slightly downhill. Watching the fliers should lead your eyes to the clusters. The hillside is very steep. If you try to descend for a closer view, use extreme caution.

The best time to catch the monarchs active and flying is on a sunny, warm afternoon, around 2 to 3 p.m. 

This year’s on Albany Hill—2,000-plus—is the largest counted since 1997. Increases have been seen this year monarch winter colonies throughout coastal California.

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Heidi Rand January 16, 2012 at 08:03 PM
Thanks for the update, Mary! Very glad to hear that they're still hanging out in Albany.


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