Ice Skating In The Rain

A couple practiced some figure skating on the ice this morning, oblivious to the rain that fell around them.

Two figures clothed in black, making graceful motions around the Civic Park ice rink Friday morning, were seemingly unaware that just beyond the tented walls of the rink, a storm was unleashing its steady fury. 

It was a visual poem - the couple gliding across the ice, their movements silent while the sound of rain made a steady rhythm against the tent's canvas.

I could only capture a few moments of them before I felt like an intruder on their morning (and before the rain damaged my iPhone). But those few moments were enough to capture a sense of something that makes this city special -- there is grace and elegance to be found even on a soggy, dreary morning.  

Emily Henry November 30, 2012 at 10:48 PM
That looks so peaceful! Thanks for sharing such a pretty moment, Jim.


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