Burrito Poll: And the Winner Is...

Here's our latest contest in our Readers' Choice series. Poll votes, reviews and comments below this piece will all factor into our selection, to be announced Friday. Click "Keep me posted" for an email update.

Community favorite the  ousted Albany institution to win this week's Readers' Choice poll. 

Said Art Simon in our comments section: "I'm glad to see Hot Shop leading in the poll. It's pretty cool to have a local Afghani Halal Burrito shop. If you haven't tried the spicy Lamb Tropical Burrito with the white garlic sauce you are missing out on a very unique treat. Go Hot Shop!"

[Editor's Note: This happens to be my favorite Albany burrito as well, in the interest of transparency.]

Other commenters voted for the "Hot Shop, hands down" and pointed out the chicken artichoke burrito as another favorite. 

A close favorite was Gordo's, with many folks singling out its carnitas as a stand-out dish. 

Others gave a shout-out to the truck over at the ("I find myself going back to Tacos El Autlense for the carnitas burrito. The tacos with avocado and ceviche are excellent as well and it's all really cheap."), and  in Berkeley ("ANYTHING with their carnitas can make angels weep. Nothing should be that good. And don't get me started on the flan...").


Here's our latest contest in our new . Poll votes, stars and reviews, and comments below this piece all will factor in to our selection, to be announced Friday. Click "Keep me posted" below for an email update.

(Miss last week's winner in the martial arts for kids category? .)

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If there's another spot we missed, start a write-in campaign in the comments section below. In the event of a tie, we will break it based on the comments, so please explain your choice.

The poll opens at 5 a.m. Monday and closes at 9 a.m. Friday. Come back later that day for the results.

(Because our poll is not scientific, it is not the sole consideration in choosing a winner. The winner will be determined by the Patch editor, based on poll results, comments and reviews on Patch Places. Please vote only once per survey.)

If you'd like to recommend a spot nearby, you can vote on El Cerrito Patch or Berkeley Patch.

andrew woolman March 31, 2012 at 09:37 PM
If you like your burrito runny, and with a heavy dose of inexplicable condescension from behind the counter, then you need to go to Gordo. But for best burrito, I have to agree that Hot Shop is mighty tasty - I'm reminded that it's time to go back there for their delicious lamb burro, and friendly service!
Colin Epstein March 31, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Congrats to Hot Shop on a well-deserved win!
Art Simon March 31, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Great discussion, it it motivated me to visit Talavera for the first time. I was impressed. It has a very extensive menu, so it's a great choice for adventurous Mexican fare beyond the usual favorites. I got the Sopetitios with mushrooms, which my wife loved but thought the doughy bowl was too heavy. I also got the Baja fish tacos for my son, but even though I asked for them with no salsa, they still had a very spicy sauce, which I liked but was too much for my 10 year old son. The Mole burrito was a hit. My wife loved it, though it was just a little sweet for me. I ordered a Chile Verde plate, which by mistake they gave me as a burrito. It was excellent, and huge. Great salsa bar. Still, it's a bit pricey compared to Hot Shop and Taco El Autlense for takeout, which are equally excellent in their own way. If you are dining in, it's a different story as Talavera has a nice ambiance and the others don't. I'm in the Albany flatlands, and Talavera is a significant uphill bike ride, so I'll save it for special occasions. For takeout Hot Shop and Taco El Autlense are still the bomb. Thanks though to Jon Meyers, Peter Goodman, Tara DeRosa and Yael Bloom for the recommendation, I was impressed.
Robert Phoenix April 01, 2012 at 03:57 AM
The Hot Shop is a wrap--not a burrito. El Autlense es muy authentico! But Gordo still reigns supreme.
Michael Valladares April 17, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Oi! Spoke with the owners of the truck and they are gonna switch over from styrofoam any day now for good.


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