Whole Foods to Open New Store at 10th and Gilman

The store is expected to open in late 2014.

From a Whole Foods Market press release:

Whole Foods Market announced Wednesday that it has signed a lease for a new store in the Gilman District project at 10th and Gilman Streets in Berkeley.  The store will be an estimated 30,500 square feet, with a projected opening date of late 2014.

Construction of the Whole Foods Market store will begin late this year once Office Depot, current occupant of the location, relocates across the street.

The developer of the Gilman District project is Foothill Pratt Ventures of El Dorado Hills, California. Avila Design of Berkeley is the lead architect. Interior store design will be led by the Whole Foods Market Northern California construction and design team led by Adam Smith, executive coordinator of design and construction. The new store will be constructed within the existing building and parking at the site will be increased by reconstruction of an adjacent structure.

Construction of the new Office Depot store, within other existing buildings, at the property is already under way.

“Whole Foods Market is excited to open this much-awaited second store in Berkeley," said Rob Twyman,president, Whole Foods Market Northern California and Reno Region. “We look forward to being able to serve more of Berkeley and to working with its residents and city leadership to build a great store that supports the community in a variety of aspects – be it education on healthy eating or donating to local non-profits. Additionally, we’re pleased to announce that we will be bringing approximately 200 new jobs to Berkeley.”

“I’m delighted with the commitment from Whole Foods Market to our vision for the property, restoring to the neighborhood to a vibrant retail shopping district,” said Douglas Wiele, managing partner of Foothill Pratt. “I’d especially like to acknowledge the assistance of the City of Berkeley in getting us through the planning process and under construction. This has been a great team effort.”

Wiele added, “I’m also pleased that Foothill and Whole Foods Market were able to reflect community sustainability values by reusing existing structures and improvements in putting the Gilman District project together, rather than engaging in the construction of new buildings at the site.”

“We are thrilled that Whole Foods Market will be opening a second location in Berkeley,” said Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates. “We are thankful to Whole Foods Market for its investment in our community and for providing new jobs for our residents.” 

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Gilman District Whole Foods Market store will be planned for this summer. Ceremony and other store details and employment opportunities will be released as they become available.

Will you welcome the addition of a Whole Foods Market in West Berkeley? Tell us in the comments section beow. 

Tatter Salad February 18, 2013 at 08:42 AM
You've got it almost correct 'tr', "buying power, overhead, and profit margin goals affect prices. monterey market, dollar stores and trader joes are cheaper and in smaller stores." Chain stores, like Dollar and Trader Joe's are not 'small stores' in the same niche as Monterey Market for instance. As was hopefully learned from the $600k study for 'what works best' for the Race Track, we found that SURVEYS and a collective opinion leads to Zilch. I've read their conclusion. It is true that 'one stop' shopping (with easy parking) makes for success, whether it's a mall of stores, or a massive equivalent (Costco). Some of the more successful areas I've observed includes a 'Bank' in the milieu. That which was successful 25 years ago here included bookstore(s) and a video store(s)... times and habits changed. Costco has only a 20% mark-up; Small stores CANNOT survive on that margin, and therefore walking the concrete at Costco looking something that Costco DOESN'T sell is key.( Medicinal Pot, finger nail painting and guns will probably never be sold by Costco... LOL). Lasty, 'anti-anything U.C.' and 'Anti-growth' (Carbon Neutral, Sierra Club) interest groups have a 'fifth' column, and they are ON our Albany Commissions, as evidenced by lawsuits THEY sponsored against Albany; they were appointed by recently elected council members. Let's do first things first; please write Council and ask them to clean their house: cityhall@albanyca.org
John Stashik February 18, 2013 at 06:05 PM
Sentences are started with capital letters. Too bad you missed that grade. It makes your comments seem difficult to read and their sincerity questionable.
Brian Parsley February 19, 2013 at 03:45 AM
David I have to disagree with you. It's not that Jim doesn't like grocery stores; his disdain of corporations and support of higher taxes point to a phenomenon I call Progressive Racism. You see unlike Tea party Republicans, who aren't as sophisticated enough to hide their racism, progressives simply raise property and parcel taxes under guise of "doing our part" until it's unaffordable for middle and lower middle class residents to stay.
Lisa Schneider February 19, 2013 at 05:34 AM
Perhaps they've retreated into their vast carelessness, or maybe just an annual grand tour of Europe. Let's not get fooled again.
Dover February 19, 2013 at 07:05 PM
Oh, sweet irony of life. "I have AT&T, coverage is fine for me in Albany. I also have a land line for emergencies." Heike Abeck Translation: Coverage is fine for ME. I have a land line for ME. I only care about ME. Bow down to ME. It's all about ME. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. http://albany.patch.com/articles/planning-commission-votes-to-deny-at-t-antenna-plans Maybe we should start knocking on her door when we need to make calls. Avail ourselves of her landline and all. ;-)


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