On February 20, 2014 my girlfriend and I decided to go hot tubing at Albany Hot Tubs. I haven't been public hot tubbing for 20 years. The next morning I woke to what I thought was a rash or spider bites on my chest. By the end of the week it had become infected and became extremely painful. I went to my doctor and she said right away it is a staph infection. To make a long story short, please don't visit this establishment. I have been through hell and back (I have photos to prove it). I have a scare on my chest and had to go through 2 rounds of antibiotics. I'm not sure if I am totally over it. They won't help me pay my medical bills and their insurance co. says they are not covered for events like this. They even tried to say they had no record of our reservation! I am finally talking to the Alameda Health Dept. I am a local resident who grew up here. Please, this place is not clean nor do they deal with situations like this in any decency. I am posting this on yelp and everywhere else I can and will be telling everyone in the Albany Community.
Tony May 30, 2014 at 04:11 AM
The odd things is that someone dear to me was saying how crapy the hot tubs are just this week, Their issue is the pricing. A while back you could do 30 min vs the whole hour and for 2 people and the lack of it being clean is a lot. Let us know if the health dep comes out and if they take a sample of the water what the out come is. I tend to stick to out side tub. less freakyness goes on and they clean it more often.
Taree Lyn May 30, 2014 at 11:52 AM
It has gotten expensive and the staff is a bit funkier than in the old days and Tim (the owner) is difficult sometimes. But I have been going there frequently for a dozen years and never had an issue with cleanliness. The tubs are just old but fine. And there is no place else with tubs that deep or with such great jets. Without it Id be in trouble with my back. So while I dont doubt your experience, mine has been different.
sassybaygal June 02, 2014 at 12:59 PM
Sorry to hear about this. Staph infections are painful and so scary. Usually, the hot tub water is hot enough to kill bacteria, but it may not have been, in your case. We, too, have been going to the Albany hot tubs for something like 30 years, always using the outside ones, and have never caught so much as a foot fungus. It has become more expensive, and we don't go as often now that we are older, but we never got the feeling things weren't clean, just a bit run down sometimes.


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