Albany Fire Dept. Rushes to Fire (in a Fireplace)

An Albany fire engine and fire truck, accompanied by two police cars that closed off the street, rushed to a house on Stannage Avenue Friday, only to find that the smoke pouring from a house was coming from the chimney and a robust fire in the home

A witness report of smoke pouring from a home on Stannage Avenue in Albany about 4:20 p.m. Friday triggered a prompt response from Albany fire and police.

The fire department dispatched a fire engine and a fire truck, while two police cruisers sealed off the 800 block of Stannage from Solano to Washington avenues. Bystanders gathered on the sidewalk as the telltale odor of burning wood, mixed with wafts of smoke, filled the air.

A Patch editor saw a heavy stream of smoke coming from the home's chimney. That's all that the firefighters found too.

The home had a fire going in the fireplace, probably to ease the late afternoon chill. (One weather site gave Albany's temperature as 49 degrees at the time.)

"That's just about it," said Albany fire Captain John Weitzel. "There's nothing more to it."

geordie January 15, 2013 at 10:50 PM
It's called a fireplace, the fire is what you light in it. If you are going to write for a living it behooves you to express yourself properly.


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