Albany Police Department Responds to Cornell Avenue Questions

The department is aware of issues on the block.

Last Monday, Albany Patch blogger "J.B." posted a blog with a clear and direct headline: What Is Going On with 1111 & 1244 Cornell and Why We Should Be Concerned. J.B. reported that 1111 Cornell is in poor condition and appears to house a transient population. He wrote that people are frequently "hauling junk" between 1111 Cornell and 1244 Cornell. "What exactly is going on in our little community," J.B. asked. 

Both J.B. and commenters on the post wanted to know what Albany police knew about the situation on Cornell Avenue. On Friday, Albany Patch posed that question to Karina Tindol, the community engagement specialist for APD. 

Here is her response: 

"The police department is aware of neighborhood concerns in the 1100 block of Cornell Ave. and has been coordinating efforts among various City departments and residents to address the situation. Our strategy includes, but is not limited to, addressing any known municipal/building code violations, criminal violations, and facilitating/improving communication between the neighbors and the property owner.  Persons who observe suspicious persons or activity are encouraged to notify the police." 

robert odell January 13, 2013 at 05:26 AM
mr. george, have you actually been inside the house and recently checked all bedrooms there? if you would do so, you would find individuals unwilling to leave when asked. you have the power to get the ball rolling in alleviating some of the neighborhood angst. merly(sp) parking your truck along side of house does not effect the problem of unwanted free loaders inside the abode. just a thought.........
don February 05, 2013 at 11:44 PM
sir mr odell:yes i parked my red truck to start removal of junk left but then most concern was people there i went to albany pd and with there help person who would not leave was arrested also notice no van in drive way so its comming along work on stairs should start shortly for people being there is no more other than wally ive been there many times in last mo so im now sota happy as things are looking up and i do thank all of you to bring this problem to my attention as you see things are moveing forward thanks don george
don February 20, 2013 at 07:01 PM
info house 1244 cornell father of son who stays with wally didnt know that he and 15 people stayed in fathers home stole things and father kicked him out now at 1111 so now i have to get him out of 1111 is hard cant give him 3day notice as hes not a tennant or leasee so going another way and still be friends with wally don george
don February 21, 2013 at 04:47 AM
robert:yes and person is gone had been arrested but not because of us was berk pd on a murder charge told wally he cant come back ever my problem was i couldnt give anyone inside a 3 day notice or anything because they didnt rent or have lease with me it was wallys guest without my permission so my pressure to remove was with wally he finally said he was afraid and i said to him i would now step in and take care of it as long he goes with it hes gone now we can move forward reason truck was parked on side was so i could go at nite and monitor the place also my truck was parked corner dart and corn and was in til around 4:30 am i would kick out at times and patrol would flash spot lite on me to wake me up so any questions please call me don
don February 21, 2013 at 12:48 PM
Up date 1111 first i thank all for your help. Update walk through once a week by myself niece and friend. Second locks to be put on second bedroom doors enter door and bath door preventing persons entering from first bed room which is wallys so will no longer have a way to enter second bed room that should help or prevent further stays of unwanted people again moving forward i thank all of you bringing all this to me and getting resolve don


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