Albany Police Looking for Distracted Drivers on Friday

Police are asking drivers to keep their eyes off of their phones and on the road

Photo provided by Union City Police
Photo provided by Union City Police
On Friday, April 25, 2014, officers from the Albany Police Department will focus their enforcement efforts on drivers using hand-held phones and texting. Distracted driving is the cause of thousands of crashes every day and talking or texting while driving is never worth a collision, injury or death.  

With the increase in the prevalence of smartphones and other hand-held devices, more and more drivers engage in distracted driving. In 2012 alone, 3,328 people were killed in crashes involving inattentive drivers.  

The Albany Police Department is funding this enforcement effort through a $49,160 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) for a year-long program aimed at preventing deaths and injuries on our roadways through special enforcement and public awareness efforts. Funding for this program is through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  

The Albany Police Department is committed to helping keep the streets safe both through enforcement and education.

Simple steps can help prevent you from reaching for your phone: 
  • Turn off, or silence, your phone
  • Ask a passenger to text or call for you
  • Pull over & park safely if you absolutely must make a call or text   

For additional information, please contact Sgt. Chris Willis, 510-525-7300, cwillis@albanyca.org 

—Information submitted by Albany Police
thorn April 23, 2014 at 04:55 PM
This motorcyclist would like to not have my life ended by a cell phone user. I drive trucks as well, and am able to ignore the phone while i drive, you can too. Why are we alerting people to this? let them get the ticket it might help. This tells people to watch out for one day then go back to texting. MY FAVORITE- the woman who turned left in front of me without signaling and almost killed me - who then held up her phone and i could see her mouth the words "sorry i was on the phone"


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