El Cerrito Woman Dies After Car Accident Near City Hall

A 66-year-old El Cerrito woman died Tuesday morning after being struck near Buchanan Street and San Pablo Avenue. Click the "Keep me posted" button below this story for an alert when we write about traffic safety issues.

A female pedestrian died Tuesday morning after being hit by a truck in the intersection of San Pablo Avenue and Buchanan Street, authorities said. 

The  released a statement about the accident at 4:47 p.m. They are looking for witnesses to the accident to collect more information about what happened. (Their contact information appears at the bottom of this story.)

Police said a man arrived at the front entrance to the Police Department at 7:05 a.m. saying he "had just struck a pedestrian" while driving at Buchanan and San Pablo.

Officers requested an ambulance from the Fire Department, then "ran outside to the collision scene, and attempted to render aid to the pedestrian, who was in the southbound lanes of San Pablo Avenue at the intersection."

The driver, a 49-year-old Albany man, stayed at the scene and cooperated with the investigation, police said. 

Lt. Jim Boito of the  said the woman was unconscious when firefighers arrived. They performed CPR while in the roadway and continued to perform life-saving measures en route to Highland Hospital, the regional trauma center, but the woman never regained consciousness. 

The woman, a 66-year-old El Cerrito resident was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital. 

The Alameda County coroner's office , according to El Cerrito Patch. She was a resident of the El Cerrito Royale senior-living facility at 6510 Gladys Ave. in El Cerrito.

During the accident investigation, police said, traffic was re-routed on southbound San Pablo and eastbound Buchanan. Albany police are still conducting follow-up into the underlying cause of the collision. 

Police said the involved truck was impounded and the driver was not arrested.

Albany Police are seeking statements from witnesses of the accident who were driving, walking, or biking near Buchanan and San Pablo, said Lt. Dan Adams of the Albany Police Department. 

The Albany Police Department’s detective unit can be reached at 510-525-7300. 

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Click the "Keep me posted" button below this story for an alert when we write about traffic safety issues.

If there's something in this article you think , or if something else is amiss, call editor Emilie Raguso at 510-459-8325 or email at albany@patch.com.  

Robert Marshall May 09, 2012 at 06:42 AM
Really? I guess they just assume that their presence makes people think twice about blowing an intersection. A shame they can't simply throw a cheap DVR on their end of the main intersections (Solano, Marin, Brighton) to records things. A minimal hard drive can record several hours of video these days. Would come in handy in some circumstances. And could easily rotate the recording, but catch something that's needed if necessary.
Emilie Raguso May 09, 2012 at 07:31 AM
It's my understanding also that the cameras do not record and are only there for observation (by Caltrans, I think). I could double-check though.
lubov mazur May 09, 2012 at 05:27 PM
On a Saturday morning about 10 years ago the Traffic and Safety Commission met in the field (a posted meeting open to anyone who wanted to tag along) and surveyed some intersections on a walking tour. During the three hour junket we never saw anyone stop at a stop sign. They just sailed around corners and through intersection. At the end of the meeting a car took the turn onto Ordway from Marin too fast and plowed into the side of the car of one of the commissioners. Blowing through stop signs is nothing new. Farid was on the commission at the time and explained how more stop signs led to more blowing. I didn't agree until I saw Hans Monderman"s traffic designs with very few stop signs and how traffic slowed, calmed, and became safer. If you knew there were no stop signs at any of the intersections along Washington between Key Route and Santa Fe how fast would you go and how carefully would you watch for cross traffic? Maybe it's time to think another way about traffic controls.
lubov mazur May 09, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Disclosure: I'm on the Traffic and Safety Commission. LAM
Emilie Raguso May 11, 2012 at 06:42 PM
This is the only update we've gotten this week: The Alameda County coroner's office later identified the victim as May Mari Turowski, according to El Cerrito Patch. She was a resident of the El Cerrito Royale senior-living facility at 6510 Gladys Ave. in El Cerrito. (We've added this to the story above.)


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