Limo Fire Caused by Ruptured 'Air Springs,' ABC7 News Says

ABC7 reports that the cause of the limo fire that killed five women on the San Mateo Bridge on May 4 was mechanical failure – ruptured air springs in the back of the overloaded vehicle – that eventually led to the fire.

Mechanical failure is reportedly the cause of a fire that killed five women and injured four others in a limousine on the San Mateo Bridge last month, according to ABC 7.

The air springs in the back of the limo ruptured, which eventually led to the fire, ABC 7 reports.

There were also reports that the back of the limousine was low to the ground while transporting the nine women — one more than the limo is permitted to carry — across the bridge on May 4.

The passengers were mostly nurses who had worked together at some point. One of the women had just gotten married. They were on their way to a party fro Alameda to celebrate.

The CHP is continuing to investigate the incident. Now that the cause of the fire is known, CHP and San Mateo County District Attorney's Office investigators will have to determine whether there was any criminal negligence involved in the limo's maintenance, ABC 7 reports.

To read the full report from ABC 7, click here.


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