More On November Home Break-Ins

Three residential burglaries were reported this month.

Three residential burglaries were reported in Albany in November.

More on the incidents from the Albany Police Department's crime log:

SATURDAY, NOV. 10: At 8:56 am., Police responded to reports of a home break-in in the 600 block of Evelyn. Sometime during the night before, the home was entered through an unlocked side door. An iPad, two cameras and $60 were reportedly stolen.

FRIDAY, NOV. 9: At 9:24 o.m., Police responded to reports of a home break-in in the 900 block of Key Route. Residents of the home had just returned home to find a bedroom window screen missing. The window was open. An engagement ring was reportedly missing.

MONDAY, NOV. 5, A report of a home break-in in the 1100 block of Brighton was reported to Albany police. No further details were provided by Albany police.


Tatter Salad November 13, 2012 at 03:00 AM
The 900 Block home theft was led by, or immediately followed by a similarly carried out home theft directly across the street; ie. two homes were invaded when occupants left their houses at dusk on a Friday evening. Neither trespass and theft involved actual 'breaking'-in: doors or windows were left unlocked. Items stolen in both cases were jewelry and easy to scoop-up hand-held computer gear. One of the houses had a 'dial the cops' alarm, and 'warning' sign in the front yard (presumed to be the second house robbed). Homes on a vector between Safeway and San Pablo are probably the most targeted. You should take away from this: Locked gates, five-foot fences, inside alarms were NOT an effective deterrent. Those who have recently moved into new homes should be particularly wary; do not keep valuables in the traditional locations; these thieves are FAST moving. The storing of small or large ladders outside your house is a poor idea; the house that gets robbed may be your neighbors with your ladder. Do NOT assume a burglar will not penetrate a dog or large cat door. LOCK YOUR BACK DOORS AND ALL WINDOWS within seven feet of the ground. Sliding (glass) doors and windows have locks that are easily bypassed; drop a blocking stick in the slide path). Be very aware of children around 5' tall that are loitering, or actively trespassing, but are quick to offer-up: "we lost a frisbee (or glider airplane) in your tree... we think" story. Call the cops!
Senior A. Titude November 13, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Or...get a big dog. There are plenty at the shelter that need homes and would be grateful to have the opportunity to protect your property.
Tatter Salad November 13, 2012 at 08:30 PM
If you do not have a past of living with a dog, then getting a "big dog", is a very bad idea IMHO. Many, many households drop a pair of dogs in their back yard, yet they don't have time to spend with the dogs, and the dogs become inhospitable to people and neighbors. (And the shelters are full of dogs with this history) No doubt dogs are a deterrence to trespassers, but at the cost of needless barking, and potentially a fly and rat infested yard, -and the occasional death of a trespassing neighbors cat, ...or much much worse. An hour a day must be set aside for feeding and cleaning up, and an additional two hours for walking and grooming. If you don't have at least 3 hours a day to spare, -every day- for the next 12 years, then a large dog would be ill advised. Additionally, all new dog owners need careful training; it is the owners, (rarely the dogs) that need 'dog classes' the most. New owners need the skill AND time to become the 'pack leader', and understand that dogs from the same litter can have completely different temperaments, although breed-related behaviors ARE significant. Temperament cannot be easily discerned in the eyes of a puppy, or through the bars of pet kennel. If you have the time and desire for a dog, then by all means, seek a professional's guidance in choosing one that suits your situation best. It's money very WELL spent!
Robert Smith November 13, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Senior: any dog that barks at the door would work. Tater: People can be great 'parents' of dogs with out consulting you for classes.
montymarket November 14, 2012 at 05:30 PM
What would Maigret, Montelbano, or Sherlock deduce from the evidence so far? Probably a bad guy(s) was casing out the neighborhood when these good people left their houses, then took the opportunity to break and enter, in and out in 5 minutes taking only stuff they can carry away without suspicion. Could be anybody, but doubt that Fagan is running a group of child pickpockets on Brighton -- please think before becoming the local grouch who calls 911 if kids come onto your lawn (or if a mystery person uses your toilet, or criminals turn on your hose -- as have been reported here previously).


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