Police Calls: Purse Snooping Misunderstanding, Injured Deer with Fawns, Bike Thefts and More

The following information was supplied by the Albany Police Department, unless otherwise noted, and does not indicate a conviction. Click the "Keep me posted" button below this story for an alert when we publish this report.

This is the crime bulletin from the  for the shifts from Aug. 17 through Aug. 21 at 6 p.m. Click the "Keep me posted" button below for an alert when we publish this report.

Information from crimereports.com is included. See . Learn about  to stay current on Albany crime news. See the original bulletins in the media viewer below.


4:11 p.m. A caller from Ordway Street asked to file a report on bank fraud that had been happening for four years after a company began taking money out of the caller's savings account using a routing number. Police took a case report. 

4:28 p.m. Police were called after a man on a bike was reportedly hit near the ; all parties were said to "be walking away." Police took a case report. 

5:56 p.m. Someone from the on San Pablo Avenue called about a dumped silver bike with no front tire. 

6:52 p.m. A business in the called to report that a $2,000 bike had been taken on a test ride and never returned. One of the men involved was described as black and in his 30s, with a heavy build and 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 8 inches tall, wearing a dark t-shirt and jeans. The other man was also described as black, also wearing jeans and a t-shirt, with a taller and thinner build than the first man. A credit card and social security card were left at the shop, but were thought possibly to have been stolen. 

7:54 p.m. Someone went into the Police Department to report a deer with a damaged back leg on San Pablo Avenue near the , approximately 10 feet away from the fence, with two fawns.  


9:23 a.m. A Pierce Street resident said his father-in-law had removed the wheel from his trailer because he "had the trailer parked in front of his residence for a long time." 

2:27 p.m. A caller on Jackson Street said mail had been stolen out of the mailbox.

5:32 p.m. Police gave a warning to a group of people with dogs in the fenced area at Memorial Park. 

6:13 p.m. A thief stole a backpack, containing a $400 computer and miscellaneous personal items, out of a Gray Jeep Cherokee parked near Flowerland. 

6:46 p.m. Someone stole a vehicle from the north lot at , in the 1100 block of the Eastshore Highway. 

8:17 p.m. A thief stole registration paperwork and a flashlight out of a car near Five Little Monkeys the prior Friday. 

9:19 p.m. Police gave a warning to people at a large party on Cornell Avenue. 

10:08 p.m. Police gave another warning to people at the party on Cornell, which was described as "louder than earlier."

11:34 p.m. A resident called police a third time about the Cornell Avenue party. 


12:05 a.m. Police made a DUI-related arrest at the deadend of Taft Avenue.

1:26 a.m. Police gave a warning to someone in a suspicious vehicle at the west end of Buchanan Street. 

2:20 a.m. Police made a DUI-related arrest at San Pablo Avenue and Carlson Boulevard in El Cerrito.  

3:48 a.m. Police received a report of an assault at an unknown Latin dance club on Solano Avenue; a subject had been detained on suspicion of assault, and another person was taken by ambulance to the hospital. [Albany Patch has requested additional information from police.]

4:28 p.m. Police arrested a man at on suspicion of trying to steal a DVD player.  


1:45 a.m. A caller in the 800 block of Carmel reported burglary from a vehicle in the driveway. The thief was described as black, 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 8 inches tall, with a thin build and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. Police took a case report. 

5:57 a.m. A caller on Portland Avenue reported theft from a vehicle parked in the driveway, but the request for police was cancelled. 

8:57 a.m. A thief broke into a shed in the 800 block of Solano Avenue and stole a bike the prior night. 

10:18 a.m. A caller in the 1000 block of Peralta Avenue reported that her catalytic converter was stolen the prior night. 

11:13 a.m. A caller on Pierce Street riding by a neighbor's vehicle in the 500 block of Pierce noticed it had been broken into and called to report it. 

1:53 p.m. A cleaning woman on Cornell Avenue called police when she found another woman in the apartment she was cleaning going through her purse; the woman who was going through the purse then called police to explain that it had been a misunderstanding. 

3:39 p.m. A thief stole a vehicle from Cornell Avenue on Friday. 

6:21 p.m. A caller reported an AC Transit bus stuck at the corner of Hillside and Jackson streets and unable to turn. 

7:33 p.m. Police took a case report at Target after a man left the store with stolen merchandise, but Target declined to prosecute the case. 


8:54 a.m. A woman called police from the office to report a couple kids who had pulled the fire alarm the prior week. 

10:38 a.m. Paramedics took a patient on Solano Avenue to the hospital who had a bad reaction after giving blood. 

1:56 p.m. Police gave a warning to a white man with a long brown ponytail who was "putting on gloves" on the railroad tracks near Interstate 80 and Cleveland Avenue. 

3:44 p.m. A thief stole a bike from a home in the 1500 block of Sonoma Avenue on Saturday. 

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Robert Marshall August 28, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Why was there an AC Transit bus up on Hillside and Jackson Sts? Is there even a route up there?
Alan Eckert August 28, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Come on Solano Avenue Cyclery. You should have at least gotten a photo ID to go with that credit card if you wanted to loan out a bike that expensive.
KSC August 28, 2012 at 04:40 PM
"unknown Latin dance club on Solano Avenue"? Seriously, how many Latin dance clubs are there on Solano? I count one...
Rona August 29, 2012 at 01:42 AM
Robert: I know RIGHT!!!! That's not a route..someone's in trouble at AC!!!..haha.. Alan: That's exactly what I said..a $2,000 bike and you do not ONLY check the photo I.D., but I'm driving alongside with you just incase. That should be a part of the deal. You are not leaving MY store with anything of that value without me coming along in one shape or form. KSC: That is totally racking my brain as well, I only know of Montero's. Sssoooooo that "other" Latin dace club is REALLY unknown, cuz no one knows about it..hahahaha...


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