Seriously Injured Teen in BART Path Shooting Recovering

The more seriously injured of the two Albany High School students shot on the BART path in El Cerrito Wednesday is in stable condition Thursday and expected to improve, police said. The other teen was treated and released Wednesday.

The more seriously wounded of two male Albany High School students who were shot on the BART path in El Cerrito Wednesday is in stable condition and expected to improve, police said late Thursday.

The injured pair and a third schoolmate were on the path near the El Cerrito Library shortly before 2 p.m. Wednesday when two males accosted them about their shoes, according to Albany High School principal Ted Barone.

Two of the Albany students were shot, one receiving a flesh wound to the face, and the other injured "critically," Barone said. The third student escaped without injury, he said in a statement to the school community.

The seriously injured student was hospitalized and is in stable and apparently improving condition today, El Cerrito police Captain Michael Regan said.

"The information we have at the moment is that he is in stable condition and should continue to improve," Regan said. The other victim was treated and released Wednesday night.

The shooters — described by police as young African-American males in dark clothing, including hooded sweatshirts — fled on foot eastbound on Stockton Avenue. The shooting took place on the path, also known as the Ohlone Greenway, between Stockton and Lincoln Avenue, not far from the El Cerrito Library and Fairmont Elementary School.

Reagan said the victims are cooperating with police in the investigation and that there is no indication at this time that they knew the shooters.

The Contra Costa Times cited Regan saying the two groups engaged in some kind of argument before the shots were fired.

A visit Thursday afternoon by a Patch reporter to the segment of the BART path where the shooting occurred – 24 hours after the incident – found it deserted and quiet except for the sounds of children playing nearby at the Fairmont School playground, the occasional noise of BART trains overhead and a siren in the distance. (See the attached brief video clip for a glimpse of the scene.)

A mother of a child at Fairmont said her daughter could hear the shots while in school Wednesday and was crying when the mother picked her up. The school was placed on lockdown for 30 minutes until police determined that the shooters had left the area.

Anyone with information about the suspects or the crime is asked to call El Cerrito police at 510-237-3233.

Evelyn B January 27, 2013 at 06:03 PM
How do you know these were "good kids on their way home from school"? Why were good kids from Albany High loitering under the BART tracks up in El Cerrito? I don't think we're getting all of the details about this case.
K Murphy January 27, 2013 at 06:19 PM
@Evelyn -- Many, many people, including me, use the Greenway as a transportation route (pedestrian and bike). I don't think enough details are available to state that the teens were doing anything illegal or "loitering".
Kathy A. January 27, 2013 at 07:18 PM
Nobody's kids deserve to be shot. There has not been any information to suggest that the teen victims were anything but in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are somebody's children. They have friends and extended family -- there have been comments in these stories from a couple such people. Can you imagine if your child was shot, and random strangers were speculating that your child more or less "deserved it" (and/or was engaged in criminal activity, and/or was gang-involved)? That kind of speculation serves no purpose but to inflame others, and hurt those who are already scared and upset about what happened to their children, their friends. I'd also like to point out that the Greenway is a linear public park. Parks are meant to be used. Along its route, the Greenway features not only the bike/pedestrian paths, but grassy areas and benches; just north of the EC Plaza BART station, there is even a sandbox area for kids to play. So, I'm not sure what constitutes "loitering" in a park. The unusual safety problem is that portions of the Greenway are fairly isolated from easy public view. Many sections do not run along streets; some sections are shielded by shrubbery, as well.
Hoboken January 28, 2013 at 05:05 AM
John, I think John S. might be right about your older son arriving at Fairmont before the lockdown. I don't know the exact time when the school went into lockdown. I arrived at Fairmont before the early dismissal (2:05 pm). I had enough time to walk from the where I parked the car - quite by chance, close to where the incident took place. The lockdown happened a few minutes after the kids got out of school. I did not hear any sirens or see any emergency vehicles. I did hear the gun fire; I assumed that what I had heard was the sound of firecrackers.
shirley kirsten March 30, 2013 at 01:02 PM
there should be more bike (police patrols) along Ohlone. For God sakes, they have all those cops at Del Norte, why not effectively dispense them.


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