St. Francis Statue, Wedding Band Stolen in Burglaries This Week

Two neighbors emailed Albany Patch about burglaries in which thieves stole items of great sentimental value. They asked that we share their messages with the community.

Two Albany residents wrote to us this week about recent burglaries in town. 

In one case, a thief stole a woman's wedding ring and other items. In another, thieves stole a statue of St. Francis off a front lawn. 

Robin Gadient shared the following message with us Thursday: "Our beautiful St. Francis statue was stolen off our front lawn sometime today or yesterday. Is there anyway we could get news of this out so neighbors can keep an eye out for it, maybe in case itʻs found somewhere randomly or at a yard sale or by the side of the road?

"Weʻre super sad. It was an old statue rescued from a home clean-up my husband did. We have had it for years and it was very very dear to our hearts. Maybe some high school students did it for a prank?"

A photograph of the statue is included with this post. 

Her message came just days after another resident shared his own story about property crime.

"Just wanted to let the community know that our home on Talbot Ave, 800 block, was burglarized on Tuesday morning," wrote John Anner. "The thief came in through a back door I think, and collected some things of major sentimental value to our family, but not much of real cash worth. He or she took the kids' jewelry and ipods, their wallets and cash, and my wife's wedding ring and some other items."

He included a safety alert with his message: "It's important for everyone to know that your homes are being cased—people are looking for places that look like they are unsecured (as ours certainly was), have easy pickings, and no security.

"Be warned— and learn what you can do to protect your home and family."

Has this happened to you? We'd like to hear your experience. What steps do you take to keep your home safe? Burglar alarm? Neighborhood Watch? Something else? Please tell us in the comments.

Robin Gadient July 20, 2012 at 12:22 AM
They struck again last week- a month later, stealing even heavier matching lion statues flanking our front steps!
Emilie Raguso July 20, 2012 at 01:24 AM
This is such sad news!


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