With Preparedness On the Brain, One Neighborhood's Response

What have you and your neighbors done to get prepared?

With recent earthquake activity putting many of us on edge, it seemed like a good time to share some of the tools and approaches neighbors in Albany have used to be sure they're ready when the big one hits. Have questions about what your block can do? Get in touch with to learn more. Check out this dispatch from some block organizers on Talbot Avenue:

The 1000 block of Talbot is a block. Their Neighborhood Watch officer commented that many of the block’s curb addresses were very faded and hard to read. He said that the police and fire department frequently rely on curb addresses to navigate to your house, especially at night.

So the neighbors sprang into action and planned a neighborhood curb address painting project on the day of their annual disaster preparedness drill.  

Block Coordinators Lilia Rosenheimer and Amy Neil prepped for the project by cleaning curbs and repainting the white backgrounds in advance. Amy also created a variety of boards to hold stencil numbers and put together buckets of supplies for 4 teams.

About 25 residents gathered in old clothes and painted every address on the block. A reflective coating was sprayed on as well to improve visibility at night.

Is your block organized? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments.


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