Election Update: Who Are the City Council Candidates?

The city clerk has posted candidate statements for those who submitted them. They appear below. Click each candidate's name to view his or her Albany Patch profile. We'll post school board candidate statements separately.

The city clerk has posted candidate statements for those who submitted them. They appear below. Click each candidate's name to view his or her Albany Patch profile. (Two candidates have not yet submitted profiles.) Seven candidates are running for three seats slated to open on the . 

My Education and qualifications are: I have lived in Albany for 13 years. My daughter will attend Albany Middle School this fall. I am an East Bay native and graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Political Science, and received a Teaching Credential from SFSU. I have been a member of the Planning and Zoning commission for the last six years. This unique position has given me a greater appreciation for and understanding of our diverse urban community which strives to maintain its “small town feel”. If elected I will continue to support our community strengths: strong support for education, progressive and green values, healthy, active families, and the outstanding safety record of our emergency services. I will promote responsible development that enhances our walk able urban environment, work to implement our green house gas and active transportation goals, keep the city financially solvent and protect our Shoreline. I have been an active member of Citizens for the Albany Shoreline and am endorsed by the Sierra Club. I have also been coaching my daughters Soccer team for the last couple of years and strongly support causes that protect children’s health here and abroad. For more information go to petemaass.com.

In 1995 I moved to grad student housing in University Village. Five years later I bought a house near Albany High, where my son graduated in 2010. Solar panels keep our utility bills low, and I do much of my commuting and shopping by bicycle or on foot. 

I have spent most my career working in the public sector, first as an economic analyst for the state of Washington, and later as a research analyst for the University of California. For the last six years I have been a science editor and writer at UC Berkeley. 

I served on the Albany school board from 2002 – 2006. I learned that local governments can be very effective when skilled staff members, elected officials and the public respect each other and work together creatively. 

If elected to the city council, I would provide expertise on the complex issues facing our city, from creating better cell phone policies to coping with climate change. I would bring an independent, tough-minded yet fair approach to the city’s problems. 

I am a supporter of Albany’s Climate Action Plan, and I would like to work with my fellow citizens to fully implement the plan.

I am running for City Council because I want Albany to become a truly progressive leader among cities. I believe as a community, we have the power, and the responsibility to create a healthy, sustainable environment that promotes the highest possible quality of life, for all of our residents. 

I am a member of the Green Party, and have been a political activist for many years, working for women’s rights, gay rights, peace and justice, and the environment. 

I am a yoga teacher and mother of two, dedicated to natural and holistic living. My daughters were both born at home, one right here in Albany. 

I am concerned about the ecological and economic crises our society is facing, and I want to help create a better world for future generations. My husband and I moved to Albany for the tremendous sense of community we feel here. I would like the opportunity to serve this community, as a member of City Council. 

I believe that working with people is key to building a sustainable city, both environmentally and economically. As an active citizen, I have worked closely with the City and developers to make sure projects advance our City’s environmental sustainability, such as by providing good biking and walking access, while also providing economic benefits. 

I live in Albany with my wife and son, and like all of us enjoy the benefits of the Albany schools, both directly and indirectly. As the School District appointee, I serve on Albany's Parks and Recreation Commission (three years as Chair), where I have worked for years improving and protecting Albany’s parks and fields for all users. 

I have also served on the Traffic and Safety Commission and co-founded Albany Strollers & Rollers, an organization dedicated to improving safety and mobility for our children, seniors, and everyone who walks or bicycles in Albany. Finally, I serve as a Sierra Club Leader and I have their endorsement. 

Albany needs an independent voice that listens to all sides. I believe I can be a bridge that brings people together for the good of Albany. I would be honored to serve as your City Council member. Please visit nickpilch4albany.com.

I believe Albany is best served by a City Council that provides balanced judgment and decisive leadership. I believe my education, professional background, and involvement in the community uniquely qualify me to serve on the Council.

I earned degrees in Philosophy (BA CAL, MA Northwestern) studying logic, ethics, and American Pragmatism. I have owned a web design and development company for 15 years. While volunteering on the board of the Albany Chamber of Commerce for six years, I worked with community organizations and city staff on local projects while supporting our community and local small businesses. I have two children in Albany Middle School, and have volunteered at Cornell School, Albany Preschool, Cub/Boy Scouts, and ABGSL. I am strongly concerned about the environment, and have worked for the US EPA, and created a lifestyle that minimizes my family’s impact.

It is crucial that a City Council Member maintain an open mind and be receptive to the voices of the community, but also be decisive and clear-thinking. My training in Philosophy helps me understand all sides of a discussion, while my business experience helps me understand when it is time to act.

Please vote for me. Visit AbbottForCouncil.org.

My roots are in Albany. I grew up and am raising my family here. I started my business here because my vision for our town is simple: small business development built upon a foundation of community involvement. 

I have been a business owner for 25 years and have employed hundreds of people, from students to seniors, over the years. I understand the challenges small businesses face. I can help align business and community interests with City Council. 

I love the diversity of our city and seek to expand participation within the political process. While we will not agree on everything, we can work together to build consensus that will bind our community. Our small town can thrive by coming together during these tough economic times. 

We must invest in our future by supporting activities for children and working families. I want to see thriving Solano and San Pablo business districts. I will work to promote and expand community events such as Movie Night, Albany Streets and Dinner With Albany. Albany is better when we pool the financial resources and human talent within our community. 

I appreciate having had the opportunity to serve as your council member during the past 3-1/2 years and am seeking your support for reelection. I have a proven record as an effective and responsible representative of Albany’s citizens. Throughout my 28 combined years on the city council and school board, I have demonstrated my commitment to open, responsive government by listening carefully to all who wished to speak before making decisions. During my terms as Mayor and School Board President, every person wishing to speak had that opportunity. During my current council term, I have appointed people not previously involved in city government to committees. I am committed to maintaining Albany’s small-town character while meeting the needs of all our people, senior to youth. I will work to assure that our excellent basic services, including police and fire, are maintained, that infrastructure needs are met, and that we foster both economic and environmental sustainability. I am proud to have worked with my neighbors on the city’s only new open space, the Pierce Street Park. Working together, we can continue to make Albany a special place to live. I ask for your vote. Education: Ph.D., Educational Administration, UCB; https://sites.google.com/site/peggythomsen

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