Report of Felony Arrests at the Bulb

Katherine Cody protesting in Albany in 2013
Katherine Cody protesting in Albany in 2013
Public posts on Facebook and Indybay indicate there have been felony arrests on the Bulb - and that one of the arrested is Katherine "K.C." Cody, the 'name' plaintiff in the campers' case (which is known as Cody vs. Albany). 

K.C. is known to those who follow this issue as an activist leader of the campers and a cook for the encampments; she sometimes posts here on Patch. 

The following has appeared in Facebook news feeds:

"A longtime bulb resident and community activist was targeted on Friday by the police and arrested on trumped up charges. This could have dire consequences, as the city of Albany is threatening to use the arrest as an excuse to exclude her from any future settlement resulting from the lawsuit filed by the residents of the Bulb against the City of Albany. The timing of this arrest is no accident: The city has stepped up harassment against the residents: Ticketing them for curfew violations and massively increasing the police presence in the area. If you've ever enjoyed the Albany Bulb, or if you support autonomy, your presence is crucial. PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY"

The following has been posted on Indybay (I have made no changes, just cut and pasted from the site):

Feloney Arrests at Bulb court support for K C and friend needed START DATE: Monday April 14 TIME: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM Location Details: Dept 112 Wiley Manuel Court House 661 Washington Oakland Ca. Event Type: Court Date Contact Nameorion Email Address ohohorion99 [at] gmail.com Phone Number 510 541 3835

This is a blantant attack on the Bulb Comunity.Three days before her arrest she was a guest Speaker at the occupysf.org Monday nite forum
she is one of the main people and spokes person for the bulb residents She has lived there over 6 years scrool down for my letter to the to the court for O R.

WE need you to be at dept 112 2pm april 14 mon for this brave fighter ,for her arraingmnet we want her and her friend released on o. r. you can send letters of recomendation for her O R to her Lawyers email via ohohorion99 [at] gmail.com Thanks for making the world amore peaceful and joyful Palace
orion 510 541 3835 youtube.com/orionorion99

heres my letter to court

“I have knowed Kc for over 6 years she is a very nice person .I lived in bay area 40 years 30 in albany and now I live at the Water gate in Emery ville .I’m a professiional Jazz Musician and teach Drums at Acme Music oakland .
Residents and Bulb Lovers (people who love the bulb ) all Love her warmness and friendlilness just last week I met a man at the builb looking for his missing son and Asked if He had talked to KC He said “yes she was very kind and help ful”
The first time I met her she invited me into her home to have coffee I ended up talking to her for over an hour. the next time I saw her she had organized people to put out a fire .She has tremendous leadership abilities.She cooks and helps every body unsefishley ,both dog owners and residents at the bulb.
She should not be made to pay abail of 32,000 she should be realeased on her own recognisence .”

Added to the calendar on Sunday Apr 13th, 2014 1:02 PM

Very sad.  It is peculiar that the Facebook post focuses on her potential exclusion from a litigation settlement as a 'dire consequence' of the arrest.  If she is charged with a felony, it seems she might face much more serious consequences than that, if she is found guilty. 

Hopefully we will all learn more from the next public release of a police activity report. 

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Albany Resident April 17, 2014 at 11:59 AM
$30,000 to produce the book? How fancy were they trying to make it? Also, since you bring up the website bumsparadise.com, does Tomas McCabe or his nonprofit "Black Rock Arts" have any current involvement at the Bulb that you know of? http://blackrockarts.org/about/staff (Tomas is listed as the owner of the bumsparadise website and did a documentary back in the early 2000's)
Rochelle Nason April 17, 2014 at 12:34 PM
Sorry, no, I don't know anything about Mr. McCabe or Black Rock Arts being involved in the Bulb, but thank you for noting that. It is interesting that someone involved with the Bum's Paradise movie is a creator of Burning Man, which sends everybody home and cleans up afterwards. The environmental ethics of the festival encampment contrasts strongly with the lack of environmental ethics of the permanent encampment.
Laney Russell April 17, 2014 at 01:09 PM
They clean up after Burning Man because the BLM manages the BRD and even burned out hippies understand that they have to kiss BLM butt in order to keep the permits flowing.
Laney Russell April 17, 2014 at 01:13 PM
I see Amber stopped by long enough to leave a recommend on the city wide garage sale article but she didn't come here to screech about meth and libel and "research footwork." Why?
thorn April 18, 2014 at 04:29 AM
truly hilarious jsut how bad the story really is- not only was it meth, but meth + heroin + controlled buys// wow KC you really screwed up// honestly i am surprised anyone out there kept it together well enough to sell meth on a regular enough basis to have multiple controlled buys .. and heroin? i'll speculate it's possible she was selling meth to pay for heroin. . but then again she is a very obvious meth user so who knows... Just great comedy/// Amber has some nerve calling the meth claims libel as if she didnt know...


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