Obama Takes AHS Mock Election in Landslide

President Barack Obama crushed challenger Mitt Romney in Albany High School’s mock election.

-Written by Emily Jesch (Emily is a junior at Albany High School)

In a result that likely mimics democratic Albany, President Barack Obama crushed challenger Mitt Romney in Albany High School’s mock election. Obama received 88% of the 525 votes cast, while Romney received only 5%. The four other presidential tickets combined received the remaining 5% of the votes.

It remains to be seen how Albany High’s results will compare to the national voting on November 6.

Senior Xian Wong commented, “Voting was really easy. They did a good job making the process simple, and we talked about the propositions and what they meant in my class.”

This mock election was sponsored by Albany High and the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund. The League of Women Voters is an organization that encourages informed and active participation in the government, and also works to increase the understanding of major public policy issues.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Democrat Diane Feinstein received 88% of the votes and Republican challenger Elizabeth Emken received 9%.

Those propositions with the most direct impact on students also did well. Proposition 30, which would increase taxes to support education funding received 76% support, with 22% of the vote against. Proposition 38, which would also increase taxes for early education programs and the general fund, also received a lot of support. The results were slightly closer, however, with 62% voting yes, and 34% voting no.

The Death Penalty, Proposition 34, was much closer than other results. Fifty-eight % of voters said yes, the death penalty should be repealed, while 40% said no, that the death penalty should remain.
            “I enjoy government and voting, and was in Youth and Government, so I’m pretty competent in this sort of stuff,” junior Zach Fuson said. “I think depending on the person, it can be a great opportunity and be fun. But I really enjoyed it. It was well run.”

The complete Albany High School mock election results:


Total Number of Students Who Voted: 525

Hoefling - 0
Obama -456
Stein - 21
Johnson - 6
Barr - 3
Romney - 31

Feinstein - 467
Emken - 50

Proposition 30:
Yes - 399
No - 117

Proposition 31:
Yes - 270
No - 236

Proposition 32:
Yes - 157
No - 349

Proposition 33:
Yes - 265
No - 248

Proposition 34:
Yes - 308
No - 210

Proposition 35:
Yes - 404
No - 110

Proposition 36:
Yes - 352
No - 161

Proposition 37:
Yes - 373
No - 142

Proposition 38:
Yes - 330
No - 182

Proposition 39:
Yes - 372
No - 135

Proposition 40:
Yes - 272
No - 227

Dept. of Misinformation November 02, 2012 at 05:38 AM
Hmm, 31 votes for Romney. I think we all know whose children those are. I have scoped a pro Mitt sticker on a van at AMS; pretty sure it was a Mormon bunch. Freaky, not because they are potentially Mormon (who cares) but because people that know how to drive and do other intelligible things slap a sticker of hate and greed on their van like it's no big deal, like republicans are just people too, they mean well, they simply hold different ideological views. Well folks the republican views are nonsensical, illegitimate, and fundamentally destructive. I have also spotted an anti-Obama sticker at AMS on a newer model black BMW, taped to the inside of the rear window. It spelled out Drones with the “o” the classic Obama “O” symbol. Yikes people.
dan mcdunn November 02, 2012 at 03:39 PM
Department of misinformation - Obama has launched 5x the number of drone attacks that GWB did. He is the guy that signed the NDAA and is closing up the med marijuana industry. We have more troops in Afghanistan than when he took office. No matter who wins all of these trends are going to keep accelerating. So, if you don't like these things don't vote for either one as they are two sides of the same evil coin.
Dept. of Misinformation November 02, 2012 at 06:05 PM
I wasn't critiquing the drone attacks in my post and I could care less about med mar. I vote on behalf of the poor, women, minorities and civil rights--these issues are far more critical that med mar. If anyone wants to smoke, it's a non issue, they can. Drones and pot probably shouldn't be in the same paragraph. I am a pragmatist, I'll vote Obama. Thanks for your reply.
Steven Steve November 05, 2012 at 12:19 AM
@ Dept of Ms. - Actually medical marijuana is a civil rights issue and further it is a medical issue. To link it to your items which are 'vote sensitive' for you. The poor are prosecuted at a vastly higher rate than other classes of our society; as are minorities. I belief this leaves women...and as most of us know...women are 50% (+/- 2%) of both the poor and minorities and have had their civil rights trampled throughout time. imho, one should not vote upon this or that specific category, but rather, in a broad systemic manner. This makes the parsing between issues harder to do and makes it difficult for politicians and others to separate us amongst ourselves.
Mitt Sticker November 06, 2012 at 08:09 PM
@ms.info: next time you see me at AMSwith my Mitt sticker, why not come introduce yourself to me. I would enjoy the opportunity to exchange ideas with you.


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