Market Watch: Kettlepop Puts a Fresh Spin on Popcorn

Kettlepop is one of this year's new vendors at the Albany farmers market, which takes place Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Solano Avenue just west of San Pablo Avenue.

Albany Patch takes a look at the people behind the Albany farmers market. Levi Filippi, a two-year employee with , explains why his freshly made kettle corn is different from the run-of-the-mill snack at the movie theater.

How did Kettlepop get started?

The business got started about 10 years ago. A guy named Jeff [Schletewitz] started a kettlecorn company—it started out in farmers markets. At first, we started off with the name Gold Rush Kettle Corn, then last year we just changed our name to Kettlepop.

What kind of kettle corn do you have?

We provide kettle corn which is sweet and salty, we've got caramel corn, and we've got cheese corn. Usually at markets we do regular kettle corn, but at this one, since it's special, we have to do nothing but organic kettle corn. So we use organic sugar, salt, popcorn, and we even use biodegradable bags just for this market.

How do you make it?

First, we use (organic) soybean oil. Then you put in the corn, which is organic. You wait for it to start popping, and once gets popping, you add your sugar, and stir it up. And once it's done popping, you dump it, add some salt, mix it up, bag it up, and it's ready to sell.

How has Kettlepop been doing at the Albany farmers market?

In any new market we go to, it starts off slow. But I feel like this will be a good market for us once it starts picking up. But so far, so good.

What are your prices like?

At our regular markets, we have three different size bags: a teaser, a $3 bag; a pleaser, which is a $5 bag; and our large bag is a value size at $8. But since we have to use biodegradable bags at this market, we have small bags for $3 and large bags for $9.

Where else can customers find you?

All over! Anywhere there's a farmers market in the Bay Area, like Grand Lakes, San Leandro, San Francisco, Vallejo, Richmond—anywhere there's a farmers market, we're usually there. You can also find our kettle corn at your local stores, and that stuff is all organic.

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