Gallery: Belly Dancing on San Pablo

Dancers from Suhaila Salimpour's School of Belly Dance demonstrated the beauty and variety of this Middle Eastern art form at their Student Night recital over the weekend.

grew up in this area and graduated from in 1985. She first learned belly dancing from her mother, dancer Jamila Salimpour, and has been a student of Middle Eastern dance her whole life.

She as a place where she could teach the technique of belly dancing along with an understanding of the rich history of the form.

Last weekend, a group of her students in Albany to showcase what they've learned.

Some of the performers have been studying with Suhaila for nine years, some just for a few months. Her students range in age from 19 to 50. 

Dancer Patti Kjonaas says this type of dance keeps her brain active as she learns a different rhythm for her feet, hips, torso and arms.

Sometimes using cymbals, swords or veils, each student performed a solo dance to traditional music.

You can learn more about Suhaila Salimpour's School of Belly Dance here.


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