Copper Hat
The name copper hat refers to the fact that while I am enjoy playing with technology, I am something of a Luddite when it comes to the impact on my personal life. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but have strong feelings about the right to privacy. My family jokes that I should wear a tin hat so the aliens can't read my brain waves :-). And copper conducts better than tin :-) (following that reasoning, I should use silver hat, I suppose). I am more often seen wearing a Tilley.
However, my anonymity here is purely a matter of amusement, the veil is very thin. Numerous folks have figured who I am. My perspectives are valid whether you know my name or not. If you wish to contact me I am happy to tell you who I am. I can be reached at etaliter@gmail.com. My perspective on life is best summarized by a venture capitalist I worked with who said that you should have fun, do good, and make a bit of money. A second perspective came from a well-traveled friend who had a T-shirt made with the following three lines: Pain is temporary. Chicks dig scars. Glory is forever.