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I live in the Albany house in which I grew up. I attended Holy Names University in Oakland, graduating with a bachelor's in political science. After working for the Berkeley Unified School District for several years, I began teaching swimming and lifeguarding at Albany Pool in 1979. I became the pool director in 1984 and remained in that position until retirement 19 years later. Recently, I was a member of the two committees charged with designing and ensuring the sustainability of the new pool facility. I still teach a water safety instructor course in local pools.
I am currently volunteering with many Albany organizations, including the Albany Police Activities League, the Albany Community Foundation, the Albany Education Foundation, Albany Rotary, the Albany Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Council and the Albany Historical Society. I serve as Chair of the Albany Arts Committee. I am also my neighborhood Block Captain. I share my house with my daughter who attends a special program in Oakland.
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