Rebecca Nemeth
I live in Albany with my husband John (a transit planner, not the jazz singer) and two children.  We love the East Bay's amazing quality of life and vibrant, creative communities.  We came to Albany in 2001, originally from Atlanta & D.C. 
I'm a Realtor with Berkeley Hills Realty and a home renovation junkie. I give back to our communities whenever I can, volunteering in my daughter's classroom and with organizations like the Albany Education Foundation and Albany Rotary. I have a deep respect for "old things" and understanding how they were made. I studied archaeology  & ancient cultures and worked in museums  for 10+ years, studying human bones, ceramics, metallurgy, various religions, and Ancient Roman history.  I enjoy understanding complex systems and admire people (like Carl Sagan) who translate complex ideas into plain English.  My parents were engineers and I inherited their geeky love of repairing things and making them more efficient.  I'm fascinated by the "greening" of older homes, making them more energy efficient while maintaining their character. I've blended the things I love into my career as a real estate agent.  I enjoy helping interesting people make transitions in their lives as smoothly as possible, and I get to study architecture, home renovation, and the structural aspects of houses at the same time(foundations, seismic retrofitting, electrical systems, you name it). I'm always eager to learn more, and am happy to people find answers to their questions, real estate or otherwise.  ...and would love to borrow your table saw!
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